Run Sheldon

Lighting - Composting (Bee Square Games)

EPFL – Datasquare

Motion Graphics (EPFL-Mediapro)

10º Aniversario PRBB

Produced by SolidCam Estudio (Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona)

“Doble o nada” (Voll-Damm)

3D Replacement (Enefecto 3.0)

OAE – Ajuntament de Barcelona

Tracking – Modelado – Lighting – Compositing (Intricate Productions)

YAP – IBEC Discoveries

Motion Graphics (Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, IBEC)

Canal + Xtra

Lighting – Compositing (Kotoc)

La Rosa de Foc

3D stereoscopic - Tracking - Lighting - Compositing (Mediapro)


Lead Compositing (Perro Verde Films / Cromosoma)


Motion Graphics (FAO, United Nations)

#Yorompoelhielo (FPI)

3D – Compositing – Motion Graphics (Boehringer / Lemure)

Food Loss

Motion Graphics (FAO, United Nations)


3D – Motion Graphics (Vilif)

Child Labour in Agriculture

Motion Graphics (Fao, United Nations)

Xplore Health

Motion Graphics (IrsiCaixa)

La cançó censurada

Motion Graphics (TV3 / Bat-a-Bat)

Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box

2D Animated Sequence (Arcadia Motion Pictures)

Interprox (Dentaid)

3D animation and Motion Graphics (Binaria Agència)

Samsung for Game of Thrones

Concet art - Direction- GC- Post production (Cinemax)